Ulpian’s Cookie Policy


In the spirit of transparency, this Cookie Policy (“Policy”) provides detailed information about cookies and related technologies. It applies to Ulpian - web based application as well as Ulpian websites (collectively referred to as “Ulpian website”). The websites are operated by ULPIAN AI.

In addition to this Policy, further general information on how we use, store, and keep your personal data secure is provided in our Privacy Notice.

From time to time, we may update this Policy due to changes in applicable legal framework, technology or our business model. If we do, we will notify you by posting the Policy on our website with a new effective date, prior to the update becoming effective.

General Information About Cookies and Related Technologies

Cookies are small text files that we and associated third parties place on your device (e.g. computer or smartphone) when you visit our website and web-based interface. These files generally contain a string of alphanumeric characters, and they allow our servers to recognize your session in order to properly load the website for you and provide you with the requested service (e.g. to log in). Some cookies are necessary for the website to properly function, so they cannot be turned off. Other cookies are optional because they are not strictly necessary for the website to function, even though they might provide additional functionalities. Optional cookies can be turned off.

Aside from the necessary versus optional distinction, cookies are also sometimes categorized based on the domain which sets them (first vs third-party ones) and on the duration for which they are stored on your device (session vs persistent).

In addition to cookies, we might also use related technologies – such as web beacons (including tracking pixels) and HTTP requests in general – on our website. These technologies allow for standard information related to website browsing such as IP address, browser type, and the pages you have visited to be transferred to us or to associated third parties.

Cookies Used by ULPIAN AI

Strictly Necessary Cookies

We use Strictly Necessary cookies to ensure our website is functioning properly. For instance, to help you complete common online requests, like setting your privacy preferences, logging onto your account, and completing forms online. These cookies are set by default and cannot be disabled.

Functional Cookies

We use Functional cookies to improve the functionality and personalization on our website and the services that we offer. If you reject these cookies some or all of the services may not function properly.

Performance Cookies

Performance cookies allow us to measure website traffic and the popularity of pages. This data collected is used to measure and improve the website experience for our clients and visitors to the website. If you turn off these cookies your personal information will not be included in our aggregated data, and we will not be able to know when you have visited our site.

Managing Cookies

You can change your cookie preferences at any time using our cookie preference tool. By choosing "Accept all cookies," you agree to the use of all cookies on our website. You can also reject all cookies (except the Strictly Necessary Cookies) by clicking “Reject All” and you can control the cookie types you wish to allow by selecting "Manage cookies" below. Rejecting cookies won't prevent you from accessing Ulpian's website.

If you are concerned about having cookies on your computer, you can set your browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being set, allowing you to decide whether to accept it. You can also delete cookies from your device. The help feature on most web browsers will tell you how to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, how to receive notice when a new cookie is set, and how to disable cookies altogether. However, if you choose to block or delete cookies, certain features of our Sites may not operate correctly.

For further information about deleting or blocking cookies, please visit: http://www.allaboutcookies.org/manage-cookies/.

Contact Details

If you have any questions regarding this Policy, please feel free to reach out to our Privacy team at info@ulpian.eu.